Monday, July 30, 2012

Fine. I'll make a blog. You've convinced me.

I've decided to make all of your dreams come true and start a blog. I know you've been waiting for it. You might have been thinking that the blog world is dying off.. well not anymore! There's a new cat in town! You might wonder what inspired me to make a blog? was it that I think my life is worth sharing? or was it that i've been wanting to for years? nope. neither of those. Truth is, when will left for work this morning I had full intentions of watching netflix for the majority of the day-sure my apartment is a mess and the same load of laundry has been in the washer for days but thats all irrelevant. Anyways, we have been watching a new series-well, we started it this morning and he always hates when I go ahead and watch them while he is a work so he has to skip a bunch cause I won't let him watch TV alone so he told me I wasn't allowed to watch it today. So i thought well, what the devil else am I going to do when it came to me. Your married. Married people have blogs. So here I am.... bloggity blogging away. I had high hopes for this blog too.. It was going to be cuter than everyone else's. That was until I tried to learn how to make it cute and realized that its actually hard. Too 
hard. So an ugly blog it is!!
Lets get right down to the nitty gritty shall we? The main event. The life of Alissa and Will Jardine.
What have we been doing for the last 3 months? Did we drop off the face of the earth? How many kids do we have now? are we still as good looking as ever? These are all commonly asked questions. Let me answer them for you.
Well, for the past three months we have been living in Butt Sauce Virginia. Its wonderful here; we live in a seniors apartment complex, we don't know anyone really out here so there's no one to impress therefor showering is optional, its five thousand degrees outside at all times so we always smell really good, our flusher on our toilet is currently broken so thats a dream, PLUS we have a pool at our building. Whats not to love?
We ventured out here at the end of april ( and when i say ventured I mean drove-for five hundred hours) and will "venture" home at the end of august, with a quick stop in St. George to see the Arringtons of course. Why are we here? To sell pest control, why else? I know what your thinking. Alissa would be SO good at selling pest control. classic mixup. I tried it (and i use the word tried loosely) I did it for a few weeks and I promise you that having all of your fingers sawed off by a dull knife would be better! It was the worst 2 week experience in my life. Lucky for me I happen to have a good husband who let me quit! Now Im living the life of leisure-stay at home housewife. I could pretend like I hate it and am going crazy but the truth is Im not. I rather enjoy it actually! Moving right along...
How many kids have we popped out?.... I can't believe you would ask that! The answer is none and its a sensitive subject so lets carry on.
Did we drop off the face of the earth? well like i said. We live in Butt Sauce Virginia but don't worry Raymond-We will be back in full force on the 31st of august.
Are we still as good looking as ever? Well.. marriage has been good to us to say the least! You know how people say you gain the "freshman 15" when you go to college? Well, that may or may not have been the case for me but is there any sayings for when you get married? Newley wed 75? We may be victim of that as well.
Well I think I'm about blogged out for today and this may be the one and only blog post you ever get out of me so enjoy this crap while it lasts.
Yours truly

Oh and here are a couple pictures of us at chistmas for your viewing pleasure! After all, whats a blog post without pictures!
Pure Joy on these faces. 

Shout out to Dianne for the killer puppy print PJ's. 


  1. so i guess you aren't going to hang around butt sauce long enough to be the mayor there? keep the blogs coming because i sure am not these days.

  2. You are to cute and I cant wait to see you again. Are you coming to Arco? Tell the gang hi for us.